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11+ Tuition 

Our 11 + tutors are experienced and have required skills to understand each individual student's needs, and focus on the 11+ subjects:
  • Mathematics
  • ​English
  • Reasoning
  • Non-verbal reasoning
We prepare the viable weekly schedules and practice time-tables, where your child can learn and understand the fundamentals, and gain the skills to solve even complex problems. 
We, at Excel, conduct regular 11+ mock-exams, to make sure that your child understands the 11+ entrance exam pattern, and the importance of solving the problems within the given time. 
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If your child is in year 4 or year 5 at school we strongly encourage you to book an 11+ FREE mock-up session, to assess and boost your child's motivation.

We offer 11+ tuition specially designed to unlock your child's potential. Our 11+ courses are personalised to meet your child's needs to get admission in interested grammar school.